From Earth observation to communications, and from satellite navigation and positioning to planetary exploration programmes, satellite services provided by Telespazio (67% owned by Leonardo and 33% by Thales) manage all the activities involved in space programmes and missions through an international network of control centres and teleports. Telespazio provides services for satellite launching and in-orbit control, and for the acquisition, processing and dissemination of satellite data.


space centres worldwide


antennas on 370,000 m2 of land, making Fucino the world’s most important teleport


ground stations for satellites in the Galileo constellation operated by Telespazio, through Spaceopal


of water consumption for agriculture of up to 40% thanks to geoinformation


telemetric parameters managed during the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP)



Environmental and territorial protection, rapid mapping in response to emergencies, and land and sea monitoring are guaranteed through the services provided by e-GEOS (Telespazio 80%, Italian Space Agency 20%) enabling acquisition, analysis and distribution of data generated by the principal Earth observation satellites.

Satellite Communications

Satellite technologies for the distribution of internet connections and the supply of broadband services for institutional and commercial markets, from telecommunications and broadcasting to security and defence, as well as to the maritime, oil & gas, and utility sectors.

Ground Systems

Integrated solutions to ensure the continuous operation of satellite systems through a series of functions ranging from launch into orbit and satellite control to space mission management, engineering assistance, and satellite data processing and distribution.


Systems, services and solutions guaranteeing precision navigation and localisation GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for management of manned and uncrewed air, rail and maritime traffic, and tracking of commercial shipping.


24/7 services for monitoring all phases of satellite operations, from Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) to management, deorbiting, and detection and tracking of space debris. Integrated logistics and maintenance management for ground segments.

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